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Monday, February 26, 2018

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Media Information

What is Best Way to Help Your Toddler Learn

Listen to this funny, information interview by Rodd Stowell from KWNA in Nevada where he and Michelle discuss the importance of one-on-one interaction and teaching the flow of language with young children as active play. Also ideas to get Dad involved on weekends with shaving cream face play!
KWNA Interview with Rodd Stowell

How to Help Children Develop Strong Reading Skills

Michelle is interviewed by WIMA Mike Miller for his Morning Show in Lima, OH. She discusses ways to help your child develop strong reading skills and the way hands-on activities are better for children than passive programs like “Baby Einstein”.
WIMA Mike Miller Morning Show Interviews Michelle Vallene Preschool Reading Tips for Children

The Redmond Reporter interviewed Michelle Vallene about her up-coming book and her trip to New York City to meet with publicists from around the country. Read the complete article at

Taking Children While Traveling

Childrens author and travel expert Michelle Vallene chats with Erik Hastings about bringing children on a family vacation.

Interview with Mike Nabuur

Childrens author Michelle Vallene speaks with Mike Nabuur from Radio Talk 820 about the importance of early literacy for children.
Download Part 1: Mike Nabuurs Interview-Pt. 1
Download Part 2: Mike Nabuurs Interview-Pt. 2

While attending the National Publicity Summit in New York City, Michelle held a national media interview on the importance of early literacy. Download her interview here.

What Children Need to Learn to Read

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