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Monday, February 26, 2018

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Creative Writing Resources on Internet/iPhone/iPad

This is a list of some of the resources we have found on Creative Writing for Parents and Children.

You can download this as a:
Resources for Creative Writing
Resources for Creative Writing PDF

Make a newspaper:

Make a postcard:

Make your own or do a crossword puzzle

Learn about plot, setting, characters by changing well-known Fairy Tales:
Create Fractured Fairy Tales

Construct a word — Works with endings
Good for K-2

Help with Word Recognition:
Sort words into Word Families


Learn Words:


Story Map – Helps kids think about their characters, setting, plot and conflict.


Grammar – Verb, Noun, Adjective game

Practice with Commas

Practice Capitalizing Sentences:

Grammar, Punctuation – some British spellings

Program and directions to print a Stapleless book:

Create a Billboard

Write stories/poems about a picture:

WritingFix’s Word-Game Writing Prompts for Kids – Have to scroll to middle of the screen

Very cool writing prompts based on different parts of speech

Step by step writing prompts:

Information to help kids develop their characters:

Writing a paragraph practice:

Setting Organizer:

Events Organizer:

Created by Kathy Baxter & David Leahy

Persuasive Essay Organizer:

Created by Kathy Baxter & David Leahy

iPhone or iPad Apps:

Silly Story Starts

Creative Writing for Kids – “Start your child along … to fearlessly leap into a lifelong habit of writing for pleasure, discovery and joy.”

StoryBuilder for iPad

This app asks kids questions to help them build a story. They can also record their answers.

Writing Prompts presents ‘Writing Prompts’, the iPhone app with an endless supply of creative inspiration.


Story and Character Idea Generator to Eliminate Writer’s Block

Writing Tips

Writing Tips is a fantastic resource for both budding and seasoned writers. Written by bestselling author Alice Kuipers, the application provides inspiration, tips and more than three hundred exercises to suit any available time frame. Regular use will improve the quality and confidence of your writing, and help you have more fun in the process.

SentenceBuilder for iPad

Sentence Builder is designed to help elementary aged children learn how to build grammatically correct sentences. Sentence Builder offers a rich and fun environment to help children improve their grammar.

4th-6th Grade Vocabulary

Superkids Vocab Apps provide a fun and easy way to learn vocabulary

Ultimate Hangman

Ultimate Hangman is a must have hangman game.

Word Search +

Word Seach is word search plus trivia

Word Teasers Pro

Top Vocabulary Brain Puzzle or Quiz


A brain training word game – a simple anagram that is easy to learn but hard to
put down.