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Monday, February 26, 2018

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Great Book Review Sites

There are so many great books for kids but sometimes it is difficult to find the right book to meet your child’s interests. As we come across book review sites that we like we will add them here to help you in your search for great books to keep your kids reading.

This is a really great site which reviews a number of unique books which you might not come across at Barnes and Noble or Borders.

Mr. Ripley’s Enchanted Books

This is a really interesting site with books that would interest both boys and girls. Mr. Ripley posts covers of the books. He also posts a lot of other tidbits about the books he reviews. For the newest book by Cornelius Funke, “Reckless”, he has posted a Youtube video of her reading from the book.

The review which really interested me was a post about a book called, “Justin Thyme”, which reminds me a little of the “Westing Game” and “Calder Box” series for kids who like puzzles in their books. He usually gives his review and then a copy of the book’s synopsis and often additional information like the author’s blog, or a video for the book launch.

Another interesting site that has a number of great books for boys is:

Book Zone 4 Boys Logo

Book Zone 4 Boys Logo

The Book Zone (for boys)

It is also a treasure trove for girls who are looking for adventure stories or books with strong female characters. A number of the books need to be ordered on Amazon.

This is a recent review he had on the series, “The Secrets of the Immortal Nicolas Flamel”

Secrets of Immortal Nicolas Flamel Review