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Monday, February 26, 2018

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Books by Michelle Vallene

bookWhat Children Need to Learn to READ

HOT OFF THE PRESS!   Get your copy of Michelle Vallene’s all-in-one resource to help your child learn to read in an easy and fun way. This book is crammed with dozens of activities children love — music, jokes, silly sounds, dancing. This book makes a great gift for a new parent. Guaranteed to be a book with many dog-eared pages. The complete parent’s guide to ensuring literacy, a love of reading, and school readiness.  Get started now to ensure reading success and confidence for your child! The first 100 orders will receive an autographed copy. Order your copy of “What Children Need to Learn to Read” through Paypal.


Praise for What Children Need to Learn to READ

“I love this book! It’s rich with ideas for both home and classroom environments.

I look forward to using it as a guide for personal and professional

reading enrichment ideas that will engender a love of reading.

We have family night every Monday and I can’t wait to have a letter scavenger

hunt. My grandson goes to preschool and they learn a new letter every week,

so I look forward to trying this and many of the other great ideas in your book.”

— Barbara Gessel, Teacher at Einstein Elementary & a grandparent

“We really need this book at this particular time. Many parents are very loving

and provide rich cultural experiences for their children, but they have never

been exposed to the basic facts and skills of reading. What Children Need to

Learn to READ will be a huge help for parents—and classroom teachers, too,

will be so grateful.”

— Deborah Edwards, Teacher at Eagle Rock Elementary (Multi-age K-1)

What Children Need to Learn to READ is well organized and easy for parents

to flip through without having to read a lot of text. When you want a quick

idea, it’s nice to have a book organized so that you can easily find what you

want. You have mentioned all the important parts of reading for children.”

— Janine Sullivan, Teacher at Audubon Elementary (Kindergarten) & a parent

What Children Need to Learn to READ is chock-full of ideas that work when

introducing young children to the world of literacy. Written in the style of a

conversation with a dear friend, each chapter validates what many parents

naturally do with their children and encourages them to be intentional about

their interactions. As a teacher in the primary grades for many years, I applaud

Michelle Vallene’s delightful yet to-the-point book on learning-to-read strategies.

First-time parents, as well as veteran parents and teachers of young children,

will find this volume easy to read and a valuable resource!”

— Jane Wartenbe, Teacher at Einstein Elementary (Grade 2)

“As a new mom years ago, I didn’t have time to read all the parenting books it

would take to cover everything that this book has to offer. Michelle’s book has

wonderful educational content and ideas for learning in a fun and interactive

way. It will be a big help in getting your kids ready to start school.”

—    Jennifer Vince, PTSA Reading Enrichment Coordinator at

—       Wilder Elementary & a mom